Airline maintenance jobs are in high demand

High flying employers need well-grounded employees

Airline maintenance jobs come in many flavors

There are many different categories of airline maintenance jobs that you could be involved with if hired by an airline. Airframe maintenance, component maintenance, engine maintenance, or line maintenance are a few of the choices available. The most difficult decision you have to make may be deciding which specialty interests you and to choose which area you want to focus on.

Airframe Maintenance

Airline Maintenance Jobs

Airframe maintenance may include performing maintenance not included in the scheduled task requirements and inspections. Airplanes require inspections on a regular basis. Some are based on a calendar date while others are required after a certain milestone in hourly usage is reached. This is considered to be scheduled maintenance.

Unscheduled maintenance occurs when the pilots report a maintenance discrepancy that must be repaired before the airplane can fly again.

If you work in airframe maintenance you could find yourself performing some or all of the following tasks:

  • Maintaining aircraft landing gear
  • Cleaning, inspecting, repairing, and applying corrosion inhibitors
  • Painting aircraft and aircraft components
  • Maintenance of aircraft thrust reversers to help reduce wear on brakes
  • Maintenance and inspection of aircraft fuel tank systems

Engine Maintenance

Today’s jet engines are sophisticated and complex. Airlines need highly knowledgeable technicians with expert training to work on them. If you are considering an airline maintenance job in his segment of the aviation industry you will need to learn about he different types of engines and how they work.

Smaller general aviation aircraft use piston powered engines while airlines normally operate aircraft that are powered by turboprop or jet engines.

Workers in this area must be knowledgeable about the construction and operation of turbojet, turbofan, piston, and turboprop engines. They must also have a basic understanding of potential and kinetic energy, laws of motion, as well as the relationship between energy, force, work, power, velocity and acceleration.

Where to find Airline Maintenance Jobs

The best place to begin your job search is with the airlines themselves. American Airlines, United, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines are all “major” airlines. Major airlines are airlines that have an annual revenue of over $1 Billion. In 2014 there are 19 majors.

Other airlines with less than a billion dollars in annual revenues are considered to be national or regional carries. Some are fairly large well organized businesses. Working conditions will vary depending on aircraft operated, market factors and location.


If you are job hunting you could go to each airlines’ website itself to see if they are hiring or you could go to the jobs board at for a consolidated listing of jobs in one place.

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