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    Air cooling recycling machine
    Product Application
    This machine is suitable for regeneration and granulation of waste plastics,as HDPE,LDPE,and PP,etc.
    It is equipped with quick motor-operated filter-screen-replacing unit and automatic temperature control.
    The granulating crusher uses adjustable speed motor,pelleting with an extruding machine at the same
    discharging speed synchronistically .The unit is easy to operate,with a high output,steady performance,and favorable economic benefit.
    Type Diameter of Screw Stemφ90φ100φ110φ120
    Major Diameter Ratio of Screw StemL/D 20:1 -22:1L/D 20:1 -22:1L/D 20:1 -22:1L/D 20:1 -22:1
    Rational Speed of Screw Stem10-100r/min10-100r/min10-100r/min10-100r/min
    Main Motor Power22kw30kw37kw45kw
    Weight of overall(kg)2600kg2800kg3000kg3200kg
    Cover dimensions (l×w×h) (mm)4000×1500×18004000×1500×18004000×1500×18004000×1500×1800good quality Recycling Machine

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