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    Product Description
    aluminum die casting A380 ADC12 aluminum swing gate lock housing box door lock body
    Gate Lock Details
    We can make any types of aluminum gate lock housing or gate lock box .the lock body are used widly on farm ,resident house, family,factory ,commercial building .lock box is made by aluminum die casting or die casted which is first melt the aluminum ingot to aluminum water and then put into the injection machine which have a mould to squeeze them out .Lock box material can be A380 ,ADC12. A102. this lock is very popular due to it is light and easy to take . Also it is very convenient to handle it .
    THe housing box lock body are mainly exported to America, European countries . We can also make the gate lock housing in several surface like polished,grinded , powder coating .and others required surface finish is welcomly
    Process:aluminum die casting
    Lock box material:A380 aluminum alloy
    Lock Body: can fit to different gate ,door
    Market: This product have a good market in Africa ,Middle East and Commonwealth Countries.
    Production Details
    CELL NO:86-18363947659
    WHATSAPP:+86 18363947659
    SKYPE: amanda.xue2
    EMAIL: amandaxue@chinarigging.net gate lock body suppliers

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